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Whether you are a curious newbie or an expert who is seeking to broaden your knowledge base, we have you covered. We have been curating the best resources on the web and are stoked to bring you the very best of them.

Note: we are continually adding more to our list, so please save this page as a bookmark and check back regularly.


Newsletters are one of the best time and financial investments you can make to learn and keep up to date with Crypto. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

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With crypto moving so fast, Delphi has your back. A reliable newsletter delivered to you weekly, showcasing unbiased, actionable content on critical themes affecting digital assets and distributed ledger technology. Join the bandwagon along with the other 30,000+ subscribers.

A weekly newsletter by Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital, on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Paul delves into a vast number of areas, sharing his thoughts on NFTs, crypto predictions, gaming and much more.

Scott Melker shares his ideas about the market, technical analysis, education and advice regarding trader psychology and emotional control through his weekly newsletter. Scott is a trader and investor, the host of a popular podcast ‘The Wolf of All Streets’ and a thought leader in the crypto world. If you choose to subscribe, look out for the Thursday special issue of requested charts from Scott’s subscribers.

Want to receive a daily newsletter summarizing recent trends and private conversations with industry insiders? Pomp's got you covered. You can opt for a free weekly newsletter or pay for 5 daily letters where you will join the most informed investors in the world. You won’t regret it!

Mr KingHOK teaches you all about how to invest and make money with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. As Mr KingsHOK says, 'Investing in crypto digital assets can actually make you rich, but you need to understand how it works in the first place.’ Sign up for his newsletter to get in-depth guides from the main man himself.

Read the latest Bitcoin and Ethereum news from Decrypt. Get the latest on cryptocurrency prices, breaking news, and more about Bitcoin and blockchain. We recommend taking a look at the ‘Learn’ page, there are heaps of useful articles.

Knowing where to begin with the Crypto asset class can be very tricky. Coins, keys, and chains are just the beginning of blockchain technology. This volatile market never sleeps; remaining profitable and finding opportunities out of tens of thousands of coins is challenging for any trader. Decentrader will provide you with the tools and understanding to give you an edge over the market, supplying you with a market scanner that helps identify leading opportunities in the market for over 100 crypto assets. Receive market updates daily by subscribing to their newsletter.

Real Vision is an on-demand financial TV channel you can watch basically anywhere. Owned by Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist and Economic Historian, Raoul Pal, leading Real Vision to provide unparalleled access to the very best insights and analysis from the brightest financial minds.

Missing out on profitable market moves and crypto pumps? The Birb Nest offers key crypto & forex news, unique market events, quality technical charts, comprehensive fundamental analysis, Adrian is good to follow as you can hear and feel his passion. (Just don't criticise him on Twitter because he has been known to clap back!)

The ultimate guide to DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Join 120,000+ others on the Bankless journey. We blend money and tech insight to help you level up your open finance game.

One of the most entertaining writers and podcasters you will encounter. Shaan co-hosts the My First Million podcast, is balls deep in Web3, and brings you juicy fresh content when he can be arsed (usually twice a week),

Lark delivers a no-holds-barred newsletter and podcast, combining cutting edge insider insights and market analysis to deliver crypto investors the best opportunities to grow their wealth, stay ahead of the curve, and avoid costly mistakes! And hey, he is a Kiwi, so immediately awesome!

BeInCrypto specializes in cryptographic technology, privacy, fintech, and the Internet — among other related topics.

Youtube Channels

Youtube is absolutely jam-packed with “Crypto Experts”, but gurus are not all created equally. In fact, after 2 years of watching most of them we can report that many of them are just complete fuckwitts, so be mindful where you invest your precious time.

Guy will take you on a journey into the cryptoverse. The Coin Bureau was created with the intent to deliver the best educational and informational blockchain information to users all around the galaxy. With nearly 2 million Youtube subscribers, you are bound to find this content extremely useful. If you are a sucker for an English accent, you are in the right place.

We’ve spoken a few times about Pomp here as we believe his content is valuable if you are really serious about crypto. Similar to his podcasts, Pomp posts videos of interviews and personal opinions on his channel, particularly with a focus on technology and finance.

Bite-sized digital asset crypto news. Simple.

Alex is considered an extremely popular and successful online entrepreneur, best-selling author, and marketing guru. A popular video topic that gets lots of hits is when Alex talks about which crypto coins will be bullish in the upcoming months.

You’ve most likely seen his book cover all over Amazon and stores, watch as Robert Kiyosaki gets real deep talking about everything finance-related with some eye-catching video titles such as ‘Make money with no money' & ‘Crypto expert predicts bitcoin will hit $100k’.

Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya & Jason Calacanis cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.

A thought-provoking, intellectual study of what money really is. Robert hosts some of the best guests in crypto and finance and gets right down the rabbit hole with them on critically important topics around money. If you don't find yourself mesmerized (8 hours later), I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. The ladies of CryptoCrew observe that it also doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes and is known to put on an impressive gun show in most episodes, as he thoughtfully, flexingly brushes his hair away from his face.

One of the best Crypto channels you will find. James produces daily shows in a matter-of-fact, analytical, and somehow entertaining way. He is massively passionate, sincere, and having watched him for two years we have not once smelled even a hint of cow shit.


Podcasts are a brilliant, completely free way to learn anything. Simply put on a podcast instead of music when you go for a run, visit the gym, have a drive, mow the lawns or on your commute to work and BAM - you’re instantly smarter. Here are some of our very favourite crypto related pods.

Jaime and Roy, better known in the metaverse as Jaime Musings and Zeneca, are two friends that just love talking about NFTs. On this podcast, they chat about whatever new and exciting stuff is going on in the NFT space.

Zero Knowledge is a podcast that goes deep into the tech that will power the emerging decentralized web and the community building this. Covering the latest in zero-knowledge research and applications, the open web as well as future technologies and paradigms that promise to change the way we interact — and transact — with one another online.

PROOF is your podcast for in-depth NFT coverage. On PROOF, they interview NFT artists, both up-and-coming and industry icons. Proof also covers the generative art scene, the NFT gaming/metaverse, and founders building new tools for creators and collectors.

Superteam is the podcast that explores the web3 ecosystem in India. They are currently focused on the Solana ecosystem and are recipients of a grant to help build the Solana developer community in India. The podcast will continue to be multi-chain and generally focussed around web3 and crypto in India.

Listen to Matt & Gary break down the latest trends they see in the world of sports, gaming, collectibles, and business. Mila Kunis was a special guest chatting about Web3 and the challenges she faced when building Stoner Cats.

Money is changing...so where do we go from here? Through high-profile interviews and thought-provoking analysis, join Michael Casey and Sheila Warren for the Money Reimagined Podcast, as they explore the connections between finance, human culture, and our increasingly digital lives.

Spencer and Solo explore what it means to be part of the new “creator economy.” In "New Money,"we hear from pro athletes, celebrities, and social media stars who are on the cutting edge of interacting directly with fans as they develop new ways to generate revenue from their own celebrity.

The easiest way to stay in the know on all things crypto. Hosted weekly by Coinbase Ventures’ Justin Mart. Multichain world is a favorite episode to listen to.

Exploring the intersection of society, culture, and crypto with Chase Chapman.

Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the bitcoin, crypto and web3 movements truly came to be.

Join Casey as she breaks down complex concepts and processes related to crypto in whats that are easy for everyone to understand.

Journalist and educator Natalie Brunell shares one-on-one interviews with Bitcoin and crypto thought leaders. Whether you're eager to start learning about Bitcoin, or already follow the world of cryptocurrency and its pioneers, this show has something for you to HODL.

What are NFTs? How do you buy and sell NFTs? Is it safe? There’s a lot of buzz around NFTs. We’re here to shine a light on the situation. From the Blockchain is hosted by “Bored Becky” Ashley Smith and “NFTIgnition” Danielle of Fame Lady Squad—a female-led NFT community project.

Join Tim as he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more. Previous guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Matthew McConaughey.

Helping you identify which trends of today will shape the opportunities of tomorrow

By going down the rabbit hole with experts on a variety of topics like economics, psychology, politics, history, art, technology, and more, we hope to help crypto natives and crypto-curious individuals think about how they can contribute to the Web3 ecosystem while simultaneously helping our Web2 listeners become interested in learning more.

If you want to get into the NFT world and not get left behind, this podcast is for you.

nft now believes that NFTs will power a new economic model of prosperity for creatives across all domains and disciplines. Want to know all the freshly minted news? or analysis on how trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists are redefining the creative economy plus how you can be a part of it? You need to give this podcast a listen!

Listen to this podcast if you are new to crypto. Join Bryce and Aaron as they discuss a plethora of topics without going too deep but just enough to keep you going. If you subscribe you will be sent a free ultimate beginners guide to getting started with cryptocurrency.

Bringing a European flavour, Fabian and Juri produce a wonderfully entertaining and informative pod on all things DeFi. Worth a listen just for their introduction and as a welcome break from all the American accents.

A technology and innovation-focused podcast from the brilliant team at Andreeson Horowitz. They cover the full gamit of innovation, however, Crypto and NFTs feature heavily. One of our favourite pods.

A highly entertaining yet serious podcast featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in Crypto. If you have spent more than 3 minutes on Crypto Twitter then you know Cobie and Ledger - if not definitely go and follow them.

Marty interviews a wide range of incredible guests, focusing primarily on Bitcoin.

Join host Peter McCormack as he interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin, development, privacy, investment and adoption. From developers to investors, journalists to Bitcoin company CEOs, this podcast has you covered if you want to learn about everything that is happening in the world of Bitcoin.

No Crypto podcast list would be complete without the prolific (if not slightly annoying) Anthony Pompliano. Pomp pumps out pods daily as he chats to the most iconic people in business, finance and Bitcoin. A must-listen pod to add to your rotation if you are serious about Crypto.

Join Stephan Livera as he talks to some of the top prolific names in crypto. Focusing on educational interviews around the economics and technology of Bitcoin, Stephan has spoken with the likes of Raoul Pal, Jack Dorsey & Andreas Antonopoulos to name a few. We recommend giving this one a go!

Free Training Courses

We are SO EARLY with Crypto, but there are more and more incredible free training courses becoming available with each passing week. We all love free knowledge, so check out the courses below to get immediate knowledge gains.

Beginner guides, practical tips, and market updates for first-timers, experienced investors, and everyone in between.

How does Bitcoin work? What makes Bitcoin different? How secure are your Bitcoins? How anonymous are Bitcoin users? What determines the price of Bitcoins? Can cryptocurrencies be regulated? What might the future hold? Learn all this and more with this fantastic free course.

Walk-through guides using popular DeFi instruments to highlight some of the best use-cases & risks involved.

A free beginner-level course about Non Fungible Tokes, delivered over 5 emails.

A comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the crypto world. Whether you're a novice or a professional, this guide will help you to understand the world of Web3.

LearnWeb3 is a high-quality, comprehensive education platform designed to help you acquire the skills needed to become a successful Web 3.0 developer. Learn from the community and collect NFTs as you go!

Learn new skills in the web3 space and build a career out of what you love!

A simple, step-by-step guide to learning the basic skills needed to invest in cryptocurrency.

The Nas Academy Web3 Community offers the widest selection of web3 education with over 50+ hours in classes from leading experts. Learn from a library of key topics including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, community building, web3 development, the metaverse and everything in between. You’ll also be invited to join exclusive events and workshops with renowned guest speakers – an opportunity that you won’t easily find anywhere else.