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Meet the Crypto Crew Core Team
Brett Thomas is a veteran business educator, mentor, coach, consultant and writer. He has taught at Integral Institute, the Stagen Leadership Academy, and is the founder of Conscious Academy. He is passionate about "conscious investing" that supports  the techno-economic infrastructure that will be the foundation of a more conscious culture and society.  
Robert MacNaughton has been an educator and group facilitator for over a decade. He's been active as a crypto trader for three years now. Robert co-founded and managed Integral Center in Boulder, Co. with the vision of fostering more Integral consciousness through community practice. He has trained and mentored thousands of people. 
Joe Martin is a photographer by trade, but his primary passion is crypto, which to him is fast-moving and rewarding. To stay ahead of the curve Joe spends much of his time learning and sharing his knowledge. He believes in both fundamental analysis that informs long-term buying and holding of undervalued assets as well as technical analysis for recognizing short-term opportunities by anticipating week-to-week market movements.   
Michael Garfield is a paleontologist-futurist turned educator and philosopher. His work articulates emergent planetary culture and integrate art, science and technology in a new way that suits our accelerating, evolutionary age. He's active  in the decentralization movement and is a passionate cryptocurrency investor. He is a popular podcaster, interviewer, lecturer, and also performs at Burning Man and numerous festivals around the world.
Johnny Thomas has a PhD and an MBA and is passionate about technology,  decentralization and cryptocurrency. He has 25 years of experience as a senior tech executive working in: wireless communication, software development, semiconductors, defense radar, and consumer electronics. His PhD work emphasized human factors on socio-technical systems, and infrastructure that can support human resilience. 

Matt Boh is an experienced blockchain investor and cryptocurrency trader. He runs Multidimensional Interactive which does ICO consulting, blockchain technology development, user experience design, and web development. He is passionate about tech, gaming, ICOs and cryptocurrency investing. He also runs a very popular and successful Facebook group named Insane on the Blockchain. 

Dragonfly de la Luz is a writer and world traveler with a penchant for disrupting global systems of domination. She has a background in coaching, activism, and facilitation, and wakes up every day with a burning desire to help make crypto accessible to those without a technical background. She is especially interested in the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize and empower disadvantaged communities around the world.

Elizabeth Kennedy has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher, facilitator, entrepreneur and transformational coach. She brings a high level of versatility being a hand-to-hand combat (martial arts) instructor, a meditation teacher, advanced communication skills instructor, group dynamics and team facilitator, and coach. She is passionate about helping people experience more prosperity, joy and peace in their lives and sees the decentralization  cryptocurrency movement as a great vehicle for improving people's lives.  
Brooklyn Cook is an educator, specializing in neurodiversity. In partnership with Google engineers, she developed a curriculum combining computer science, mathematics, and coding. She discovered her passion for education as an inner-city teacher. From there she pioneered urban gardening in L.A., student-run recycling in Salt Lake City and Latin dance in Croatia. She's passionate about microcontrollers, painting, sexuality, and decentralization.  
Hayk Minasyan has a PhD in Economics specializing in monetary policy and financial system regulations. Over the last 10 years, Hayk has used his economic modeling and technical financial skills on cryptocurrency projects, crowdfunding platforms, loan underwriting information systems, scoring systems, analytic dashboards and financial projection models both in conventional finance and cryptocurrency. He develops many of the cool calculators and trading tools we use at Crypto Crew. 
Adrian Tan received his degree in Business Management and uses a variety of business tools and methodologies for his research and writing projects. He brings years of experience researching and writing about various international financial markets from various perspectives including stocks, FOREX and crypto. His writing focuses on making complex business / technical subjects related to trading and various trading tools easy to understand for beginners. 

Kristine Silvestre is an experienced operations manager working with numerous international teams on various projects. She has overseen the recruiting, onboarding and management of Conscious Academy international team for four years. She also oversees customer service and member support. She uses her versatility across numerous platforms to support all Conscious Academy programs and its Crypto Curve membership programs.
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