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Company Overview

Xion Global has created an e-commerce and DeFi ecosystem by combining 3 decentralized applications. The cross-chain token called XGT, can be used for yield farming, processing e-commerce payments, minting rewards and simple value transfers. Xion Global features: Launched in 2019, raised $300,000 Decentralized e-commerce platform for merchants and customers Decentralized hosted checkout for e-commerce purchases, discounts and cashback Xion Finance DeFi application for yield farming, earning interest and rewards Cross-chain network to offload cost-intensive transactions Xion Global aims to “help entrepreneurs become financially independent” by empowering them with an easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective ecosystem for e-commerce payments, rewards and financial incentives.

Various cross-chain mechanics have been developed between the Ethereum mainnet and xDAI chain, to benefit XGT owners with low-cost swaps, attractive liquidity mining, purchasing power and soon rights towards proposed changes to the software. The process for using XGT for payments is a lot more effective and user-friendly compared to traditional token transactions, as functions like the token allowance have been streamlined in the process. Additional Traction & Partnerships: xDAI Dapp - https://www.xdaichain.com/about-xdai/project-spotlights PSP Provider Capita 360 Partnership(Visa, Mastercard) $400k+ TVL in 1st month of DeFi launch EcoEnclose Partnership (Biodegradable packaging - V2) Prolific Media Facebook Marketing Agency Partnership (20k+ Retailers) CVVC Labs Incubation (Completed & Raised $125k) Raised additional $175k from angel investors Deltec Bank Partnership Rated most inspiring startup in Hong Kong Tech Conference Dollarshaveclub advised on Ideation Audited by Ditcraft Presented at the world's largest gathering of COVID-19 tech solutions(KiwiTech)

Our Mission

Despite the surge of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, interfaces are still not simple or intuitive and the barrier to entry is still difficult for non-technical users which prevents mass adoption. Xion Global aims to address these limitations with the development of a world-first payments solution, bringing practical functionality to blockchain and cryptocurrencies for real-world usage.

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