ORIGYN Foundation

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Company Overview

The Swiss non-profit foundation ORIGYN uses artificial intelligence (AI) on decentralized computing to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for objects of value. As the first pan-industry platform built on the Internet Computer (ICP), ORIGYN and its verticals generate new value opportunities for some of the largest consumer asset classes in the world, including art, digital media and luxury goods.

Founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in October of 2020, ORIGYN operates globally in major technology and blockchain hubs, including its research and development division located in Manhattan Beach, California. -ORIGYN Art authenticates and certifies physical works of art by irrefutably linking NFT certificates to tangible masterpieces, bringing a novel dimension of liquidity and fractionalized ownership to the art world. -ORIGYN Digital Media enables influencers, artists, creative talent and individuals to manage the distribution of their digital property while increasing the exposure and tradability of their works.

-ORIGYN Luxury brings guaranteed authenticity to original and pre-owned luxury items using their own biometry, enabling customers to prove and trace lifetime ownership of treasured objects. For the first time in history, an object itself constitutes its own unique identity.

Our Mission

To become the global standard in tracking artwork provenance and certifying authenticity, while also unlocking the power of our marketplace to bring a new dimension of liquidity and co-ownership to the art world.

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