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We make it easy for Aussies to buy and sell crypto

Company Overview

Easy Crypto is founded on a passion for the industry and belief that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology should be accessible for everyone. We bring fair prices, fast support and focus on security, giving our customers the easiest and safest way to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with any technical background.OUR ORIGIN STORYBrother and sister duo Alan and Janine Grainger saw an opportunity to create a portal for simpler, cheaper and safer buying of digital currencies. Friends and family had tried to buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum but had found it too difficult. Utilizing years of professional experience in IT / computing, Alan automated the buying process and with his finance wiz sister, which began the Easy Crypto journey. MOMENTS OF PRIDE’ we logged millions in sales in our first year ’ had 200% growth for the last quarter of 2018’ have thousands of New Zealanders now onboard’ we expanded to Australia, South Africa, and NigeriaWHY US’’ Easy Crypto isn’t a classic cryptocurrency exchange because it offers no custodial services. Customers are fully in control of their own assets at all time, creating no exposure risk. When using the service, a customer can buy or sell digital assets directly, in a way that is fast, intuitive and easy.’The service began by listing only a handful of the most well-known digital currencies but now offers about 60 different coins, with an average order time of 70 seconds from start-to-finish.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible and understandable, so that everyone can get involved in the crypto market. Easy Crypto is the fastest, easiest and safest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and many more.

Why work at Easy Crypto?

Competitive Salary & Benefits

We like to recognise great work and encourage this through a quarterly and annual performance-based bonus scheme.

Flexible & Remote Working

We fully embrace flexible and remote working. Trust is at the core of our business and while we may be remote, we’re certainly not removed.

Collaborative Hustle

This means doing great things and doing them together. We think big, we push for better and we seek out diverse perspectives.

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