Buying cryptocurrency has never been so easy!

Company Overview

Bit2Me is a company founded in 2014, specialized in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We help individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, governments and institutions to access, trade and manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets optimally.Being the gateway to frictionless markets, making the traditional financial system obsolete, the company is made up of more than 30 people: idealists, technological entrepreneurs, researchers, quantitative traders, financiers, lawyers and engineers from large companies.

Our Mission

Bit2Me's mission is to provide financial freedom so that people can save, send and receive money without hassle, even in countries where accessing of your hard-earned money is difficult.

Why work at Bit2Me?

Health insurance

Bit2Me pays a private health insurance plan for every member of the team,so that you can use private health services without any further cost for you.

Continuous learning

In Bit2Me you’ll have hours credited to attend workshops and conferences, as well as corporative learning resources.


We all need to switch off from work. You have the flexibility to decide when and how you enjoy your days off.

Work with us

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