AI Network

#WeMakeAiBetter by collaborative contribution

Company Overview

AI Network is a blockchain-based, collaborative computing architecture for AI and Metaverse. AI Network operates AINFT which turns your NFT into intelligent and brilliant beings that can interact with users on the metaverse. With the successful launch of its Mainnet, AI Network goes a step further and proposes a network of AIs using the network of general programs. Unlike the first-generation and blockchain which can only run very small-sized limited programming languages, AI Network can run AI frameworks (Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc.) using containers. It means millions of open AI projects can be hosted and connected on the web and metaverse through AI Network blockchain.

Our Mission

The AI Network Blockchain is designed to provide secure access to widely heterogeneous computers, from mobile phones to supercomputers, connected to the network by transparent and marketized incentive protocol.

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