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Our Story

The team behind CryptoCrew are some of the most experienced recruitment technology professionals globally.

In 2005 we developed the world’s first fully automated white-label job board platform called NowHiring. This business was successfully acquired in 2007.

After selling NowHiring, we launched JobAdder, which grew to become the second-largest SaaS recruitment management system (RMS or ATS) for recruiters in the world. This business was acquired in 2020 by SEEK, a $10 billion employment and education business headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

With two decades of front-line recruitment technology experience, we know that for companies to succeed in the next decade, they must be able to take control of their recruitment talent pipelines. Growing businesses can no longer rely on job boards or other traditional sourcing methods - they must control their futures by becoming their sourcing channels, constantly and relentlessly developing pools of talented people they can hire at a moment’s notice.

Meet The Team

Brett Iredale


Darren Watts


Eski Mirza


Helen Gabriel

Customer Champion

Ilanah Lewis

Product Owner

Krishnannuni Jeevan

Lead Developer

Sarah Lee