We offer accelerated-learning for beginner, intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency investors / traders.
We believe this 6-week is the very best beginner-crypto investing course on the market. Expertise at a complex skill does not make a person a good teacher, or equip them to create a strong curriculum. The other "courses" available were created by "traders" and not teachers. This hands-on program—developed by professional integral educators—is the safe, fast, easy and fun way to climb the crypto learning curve.  Strictly speaking, it is not actually an online course like those others that give you a bunch of videos to watch a few Q&A calls. Rather, our program is a very hands-on, in person, active, real-time "mentor program" and cryptocurrency investing/trading "learning and practice" community.  We currently offer eight live small-group videoconferencing sessions every single week (with more being added). Our active members come to at least one, and often several live, 60-minute sessions each week on our Zoom video conference bridge as their schedules permit.  In our Zoom conference rooms (usually 3-5 people on average with an instructor/mentor) we can share screens and actually work on our cryptocurrency set ups, trades and portfolios! And we have expert instructors who can actually help you, step-by-step accomplish your crypto investing goals
Benefits of Our Beginner Bootcamp
  •  This is one of the only no hype, no B.S., no "get rich quick" crypto programs available
  •  This is the only program available that uses small-group, video conference sessions and offers 8+ a week to choose to come to!
  • Rather than just talented traders, we are professional business educators. This will make all the difference in the world for you.
  •  We are arguably the most beginner-friendly, easiest way for brand new people to get in fast and have early success in crypto investing
  •  All of the curriculum in Conscious Academy is skill-level appropriate, integrally-informed and developmentally informed. This means it is easier to learn and succeed!
When you are ready to take your skills to the next level, this 6-week Crypto Curve Intermediate Bootcamp may be perfect for you. In this program you will learn intermediate fundamental analysis (including evaluating crypto project teams and their business model. You will learn to recognize dips, rips and tips using intermediate level technical analysis which will include reading and interpreting candlestick patterns, and using indicators such as RSA, SMA, EMA, and Bollinger Bands). You will be able to read and understand the technical charts posted at TradingView.com. We will help you diversify across multiple coin types using the  Token Classification Framework. And you will take a big step toward mastery of the investor psychology (working with FUD & FOMO) that you will need for swing trading. 

This program will start this Spring 2018. If you want to get started sooner, consider being a volunteer or "teaching assistant" in our Beginner Bootcamp. Contact crypto@consciousacademy.com for details. 
When you are ready to take your skills to the ultimate level, this 6-week Crypto Curve Advanced Bootcamp may be perfect for you. In this program you will learn advanced fundamental analysis that will include all of the dimensions of value delineated in the Token Classification Framework, including a deep understanding of the distributed ledger technology behind each project. 
You will learn to anticipate dips, rips and tips using advanced level technical analysis which will include advanced candlestick patterns, and advanced indicators including volume, MACD, Fibonacci retracements and more. ) You will be able to make your own charts using tools such as TradingView.com and Coinigy.   Using the Token Classification Framework, you will learn how to diversify your portfolio and constantly “re-balance” it as trades move assets in and out each week.  And you master of the investor psychology (FUD, FOMO and more) so that you can consistently make money every day as an advanced investor and day trader.  

This program will start this Spring 2018. If you want to get started sooner, consider being a volunteer or "teaching assistant" in our Beginner Bootcamp. Contact crypto@consciousacademy.com for details. 
These Programs are for People Who
  • Are interested in getting into cryptocurrency investing but don't want to be totally "self taught" 
  • Value a personal connection and want to work with instructors and mentors to help them 
  •  Value  quality curriculum (instructional design) and don't want to waste their valuable time
  •   Recognize that time is money and see value in getting the knowledge and skills in weeks rather than months 
  •  See the value in a group/team learning and trading approach (a learning and practice community)
  •  Are serious enough about this new opportunity to get the best training available  
An International Crypto Investing "Learning and Practice" Community
We use an innovative, engaging, hands-on, hybrid learning approach. While have video tutorials and written lessons and worksheets, the real action is on our eight live calls we hold every single week. You come to as many as you like. Most participants try to come to at least 2-3 sixty-minute live sessions each week. Every live session is conducted on our Zoom video conference bridge (so we can share screens, slides, charts and go onto exchanges together. We offer every session at various times day and night to cover all world time zones. (The exact calendar of all eight live sessions each week are further down this page under "Calendar of Live Events".) 
A key difference between us and the other "online crypto courses" out there is we are professional business educators. The founders and senior faculty of Conscious Academy have been in business training, business education,  and business-related coaching for most of our careers (decades). We own a successful 18-year old brick-and-mortar corporate business and leadership academy as well as a successful 5-year old online academy. 

Further, we are committed to hosting the most positive, beginner-friendly, cooperative and supportive international cryptocurrency investing/trading community in the world. To that end, we only extend an invitation to people to join our "learning and practice community" after we meet them either on a live workshop or in a 1:1 conversation to determine fit who are: learners, have a positive attitude, are able to commit to being supportive of others in their learning journey (we cooperate rather than compete with each other in this group), are earnest in their goals to manifest prosperity, aren't only in this for the money but also care about the decentralization movement and how investing in these projects can help make the world a better place. If you have been invited, then you meet our requirements. 
Meet the Crypto Crew Core Team
Brett Thomas is a veteran business educator, mentor, coach, consultant and writer. He has taught at Integral Institute, the Stagen Leadership Academy, and is the founder of Conscious Academy. He is passionate about "conscious investing" that supports  the techno-economic infrastructure that will be the foundation of a more conscious culture and society.  
Robert MacNaughton has been an educator and group facilitator for over a decade. He's been active as a crypto trader for three years now. Robert co-founded and managed Integral Center in Boulder, Co. with the vision of fostering more Integral consciousness through community practice. He has trained and mentored thousands of people. 
Joe Martin is a photographer by trade, but his primary passion is crypto, which to him is fast-moving and rewarding. To stay ahead of the curve Joe spends much of his time learning and sharing his knowledge. He believes in both fundamental analysis that informs long-term buying and holding of undervalued assets as well as technical analysis for recognizing short-term opportunities by anticipating week-to-week market movements.   
Michael Garfield is a paleontologist-futurist turned educator and philosopher. His work articulates emergent planetary culture and integrate art, science and technology in a new way that suits our accelerating, evolutionary age. He's active  in the decentralization movement and is a passionate cryptocurrency investor. He is a popular podcaster, interviewer, lecturer, and also performs at Burning Man and numerous festivals around the world.
Dragonfly de la Luz is a writer and world traveler with a penchant for disrupting global systems of domination. She has a background in coaching, activism, and facilitation, and wakes up every day with a burning desire to help make crypto accessible to those without a technical background. She is especially interested in the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize and empower disadvantaged communities around the world.

Brooklyn Cook is an educator, specializing in neurodiversity. In partnership with Google engineers, she developed a curriculum combining computer science, mathematics, and coding. She discovered her passion for education as an inner-city teacher. From there she pioneered urban gardening in L.A., student-run recycling in Salt Lake City and Latin dance in Croatia. She's passionate about microcontrollers, painting, sexuality, and decentralization.  
Elizabeth Kennedy has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher, facilitator, entrepreneur and transformational coach. She brings a high level of versatility being a hand-to-hand combat (martial arts) instructor, a meditation teacher, advanced communication skills instructor, group dynamics and team facilitator, and coach. She is passionate about helping people experience more prosperity, joy and peace in their lives and sees the decentralization  cryptocurrency movement as a great vehicle for improving people's lives.  
Hayk Minasyan has a PhD in Economics specializing in monetary policy and financial system regulations. Over the last 10 years, Hayk has used his economic modeling and technical financial skills on cryptocurrency projects, crowdfunding platforms, loan underwriting information systems, scoring systems, analytic dashboards and financial projection models both in conventional finance and cryptocurrency. He develops many of the cool calculators and trading tools we use at Crypto Crew. 

Adrian Tan received his degree in Business Management and uses a variety of business tools and methodologies for his research and writing projects. He brings years of experience researching and writing about various international financial markets from various perspectives including stocks, FOREX and crypto. His writing focuses on making complex business / technical subjects related to trading and various trading tools easy to understand for beginners. 

Disclaimer: We are educators and we do not offer "financial advice." Always make your own investment decisions.
This training and mentor program is offered as education. We are not acting as financial advisors and are not giving "financial advice." Any investments or trades are each person's responsibility. Investing of all kinds is inherently risky. Please be cautious, as the authors of this educational information and the workshop and discussion facilitators in this educational program are not responsible for any consequences that might result from your investment decisions including any personal trading actions you undertake in the cryptocurrency markets. Under no circumstances are the authors of this educational information, the facilitators of this program or anyone associated with Crypto Crew, Crypto Curve or Conscious Academy, LLC responsible for your choices or any negative consequences that might result from them.
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